Entrepreneurs that work in the area of cuisine d’auteur* and/or the intersection between food and other cultural industries that participate in Micsur . *Cuisine d’auteur is defined as: original works, with a concept and symbolism, that use/refer to local ingredients, know-how, and execution.

Museums & Heritage

Entrepreneurs that work on museum and / or heritage projects in museums and cultural institutions as service providers associated with exhibits, conservation, restoration, educational programs and curatorship, souvenir development, communications, marketing and branding solutions, technological solutions for exhibits, reserve collections, lighting design, security, accessibility and others, as well as the exploration of commercial spaces in museums and cultural institutions.

Animation and Electronic Games

Entrepreneurs in charge of creating and / or developing linear or nonlinear formats for any platform, fixed or mobile (television sets, computers, cell phones, tablets, social media, and consoles), spanning all process steps between creation and delivery, whether for advertising purposes or not.


Entrepreneurs that work in festivals, concert halls, cultural centers, artists, bands, managers/producers, original music production agencies for audiovisual productions, booking agency, distributors (physical and digital), record labels/record companies, publishing companies, studios, music branding agencies, copyright management services, tour managers (tour management/local production), recording studios / recording producers, audio/video streaming services.

Performing Arts

Producers, groups, companies, collectives, associations, cooperative, networks, agents, professionals and dance artists, drama, circus, multidisciplinary performances and projects involving the performing arts. Managers, representatives, curators, producers and organizers of festivals, exhibits, circuits, drama plays, rooms, spaces, and performances.


Fashion entrepreneurs with an auteur profile* that make clothes, shoes, and accessories or deliver design services (collection design, embroideries, products, raw materials) to the fashion chain and whose production interacts with elements of Brazilian culture, using local materials, traditions, and know-how. *Auteur profile is defined as: original works with a concept and symbolism that are not limited to the product's functional elements.


Entrepreneurs that interact with elements of the Brazilian culture and /or appreciate native materials and specialize in the following areas: a) visual design: graphics, illustrations, editorial, digital (3D animation, interface, usability, information architecture, layout), web (multimedia projects, animation, social media), typography; b) product design: low-, medium-, and high-complexity product design, prototyping (3D printing); product-service system, development with hybrid materials (innovation with reusable materials), packaging (visual packaging); c) design services: design thinking (services and experiences) and design management, branding, food design (spaces, productive cycle, distribution; d) agency service (a liaison between the creative professional and the business that orders design production services).


Content producers (all genres, formats, whether or not for advertising purposes), distributors, film, television, digital media and advertising exhibitors and service providers, sales agents, writers, directors, technical and artistic staff, audiovisual production companies, curators.


Editors from all segments (children's, child and youth, fiction and nonfiction, religious, scientific, technical, professional, and academic), literary agents, bookstores, distributors, authors, translators, printing offices, newspapers, magazines, and new-media platforms.

Visual Arts

Entrepreneurs who operate in the visual-arts system as artists, curators, consultants, art critics, gallery operators, producers, representatives for fairs and autonomous spaces, and providers of other related services.

Welcome !

From November 5th to 11th, the Ministry of Culture (MinC) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX-Brasil) are holding the first Brazilian Creative Industries Market (MICBr) business mega-event, in the city of São Paulo, bringing together thousands of entrepreneurs from the cultural and creative sectors within and outside Brazil. The aim is to promote the international dissemination of Brazilian cultural productions and exchange between countries, particularly within South America. MICBr will involve 10 fields: performing arts (circus, dance and theater), audiovisual, animation and video games, design, music, museums and cultural heritage, visual arts, fashion, publishing and gastronomy.